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Re: Short term hello from the UK...

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Thanks for the advice. Even temporarily, under six months? I like my car and it took me a while to find it, so I would be reluctant to sell it before trying Switzerland in case it doesn't work out
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Edit: Sorry, ignore the sarcastic eyes in my previous reply. I didn't want it and don't seem to be able to edit it and get rid!
None taken. Can you leave your car (SORN or otherwise) for 6 months til you get your head around CH? Again, depending on where you end up, you might not even need a car.

We found it to be the easier option, in fact we sold our car back to the same dealer we brought it from when we left the country. Obviously experiences differ. We just wanted an occasional family run around.

Ask your current insurer what your options might be. It might be a sharp intake of breath, it might be straightforward. Good luck on your adventure.
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