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Re: Liability Insurance - the CHF 3 or 5 million policy?

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I'm finally getting liability insurance ('bout time), and was wondering if there is a good reason to upgrade to the CHF 5 million policy? There is not a huge price difference between the 2 - maybe CHF 15 per year. But is the CHF 3 million policy generally well viewed as the one to get? Or not so much?

3 Million is almost always more than good enough.

But some people are willing to pay a bit more since the price of you causing an accident where for example the father who is the only income earner in a family making 10K a month ending up with brain damage is huge, and if he had his kid along who ends up in a wheelchair than a few millions really means nothing.

So it is basically a small price to pay to prevent getting bankrupt if the worst case scenario happens.
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