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Re: Technophobe needs to get out of Jurassic Era!

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MIRACLE! Armed with my long list of requirements, I finally purchased a Samsung Galaxy A7...on line! I'm only brave in some areas, technology is not one of them! They can take our freedom, but they won't take our phooones!

Anyway, Mr Useless is looking at this strange object from Mars, not even knowing what to do with it.

1. Is my phone number transferred automatically with my SIM card or is it a different business altogether? If anyone laughs, I'll poke them in the eye!

Yes. Your sim card is what "drives" your phone. It's why you can have sim only contracts.

2. How do I keep all my phone contacts and conversations from my old Xperia One phone?
if you save all your contacts from your okd phone onto the sim ("should" be an option in contacts or settings) then they will go with the SIM when you out it in new phone.

3. Is my SIM card from Xperia compatible and transferable to the Samsung?
Don't know. AFAIK they should be. You'll see when you open the slot.

4. Is the memory separate from SIM card. My Xperia was a 4G and now supposedly I have a 64 G but no SIM card in it. What do I do?

Yes. 4g is a type of network/phone ability service the GB is to do with memory size. That can go up to 256GB depending on your phone. My A6 can take a 256GB micro SD card but i think I've got a 64GB in there as it's what I had in my other Samsung. You'll have a slot for your Sim and another for your (micro?) SD card. If your phone didn't come with one you'll need to buy separately. Samsungs usually come with little "poking"apparatus to get the tray out. It's a little silver coloured metal thing with a loop at the top.

RIght, I guess I've made everyone's day with my questions. You can take the piss as long as you give me the proper answers to my questions as well, if not, shut up and go and play on your phone!
Hope this helps? In future, if you get another Samsung, make sure you download the samsung SmartSwitch app onto both devices as it literally sends everything (contacts, wallpaper, downloaded apps , pics etc) from one device to another, is remarkable.

Good luck.
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