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Re: Delivery time for Salt/Init7 equipment

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When they installed fiber in my previous flat, it was marked as being available at my address, in Init7's system, once Swisscom had the box in the basement installed and ready to go.

However, at that point, there was still no OTO in my flat. They would have needed to send out somebody to pull the fiber through the walls into the flat, and I would have needed to provide access for that to happen.
Yes you're right. I recalled it wrongly. Revisiting my notes, also here on my fiber connection, city of Zurich, fiber was already provided into the building, but not to each apartment. Only at my order for a fiber abonnement, I think I was the first in the house with 6 apartments, EWZ people came to install the fiber up to the apartment. Not anymore sure if they installed it also in the other 5 apartments in the same run.
I noted 13 days for me between installation of the OTO plug and final activation of the line.

EWZ (mostly the owner of the fibre) in Zürich promises up to 10 days installation duration if the OTO plug is already installed, and up to 20 days, if the OTO plug still has to be installed.
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