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Re: Fine from the Police for recycling on the wrong day

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I've just received a fine from the Police in relation to using the recycling on the wrong day.

One Sunday, our paper recycling was piling up at home, and so I thought I'd go to our local recycling centre. When I got there, there was a chain around the bins, but they were completely accessible (in our village, there's no barrier), so and the bins were open, so I didn't see any particular harm. So I put the rubbish in and drove off.

Today we get a fine in the post, and the fine is for 250 CHF for

"putting rubbish on the public highway or not sorted in the eco-points" which is not true.

The fine for using the recycling outside normal hours is the same, but the crime is wrong, and it just seems unfair, for what was effectively taking my rubbish to the tip.

Furthermore, the fine is in my wife's name, which is not true either.

Any experience with this? Can I complain?
You can try to fight it but the defence of "It was me not my wife and I was actually putting it in the recycling bins on a Sunday, despite there being clear rules and them being chained up" might not stand up too well.

I'd pay the fine and just chalk it up to experience. If something looks obviously closed, don't attempt to use it.
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