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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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I always was surprised how Wilders managed to be as popular as he was, as in interviews and such he came across as awkward and with a tendency to overexplain the obvious while still evading the actual issue, and even when he made total sense (which actually was quite often), you came away thinking, surely there would have been a better way to say that.

So I'm not surprised really that somebody with more charisma is able to surpass him by stealing at least some of his issues.
My problem with Wilders was that he indeed mentioned very good points, but he always failed to answer question as for how he wanted to achieve such points.

Take healthcare as a random example which has/has a huge shortage of care taking employees.

Wilders: I'll get 15.000 more caretakers and fly them in from South-Afrika if needed.

Questions about previous tests with South-African caretakers in the Dutch systems that showed it is a fail, or where to find them ove rthere, or how even to pay for those 15.000 people and how to alter their education and such never got any answer but just lead to him avoiding the answers with irrelevant stuff.

Wilders knows how to pull people in with his 1.000 great oneliners, but in the end he is empty and has no solutions, more and more people start to realise such.

Thierry from the FvD seems much smarter in his approach and acts/shows he knows much more about the issues he mentiones, and best of all he also seems to show that making a change is impossible if you can't fund it, something Wilders never showed any realisation of.

Wilders was popular among the hard working people, I was one of those but my co-workers could never answer any question that went deeper into the subjects leading me to believe that wilders was indeed for a large part for the dumb (Also shown by all the people in social welfare voting for him since he would make life better for them, where in fact he was all about making life harder for those people.
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