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Re: Fine from the Police for recycling on the wrong day

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Look, and yes, I'm aware am going to get a lot of groans for this.

Luckily, there are a lot of rules in Switzerland. That's why we stick-it out here - the efficiency, reliability, good quality of life etc. etc. etc.

Otherwise, many of us would ask: "WTF am I doing here?"

Luckily, such things as depositing trash on a non-depositing day are followed-up on.

If not, then how about the people that rent a flat opposite a recycling depot that have also to live with the noise on a Sunday? If it's allowed with one paper-depot, then how should that affect e.g. the bottle deposits

No. You came here knowing the rules, and accepted them.
We have all lived through it in some degree or another (and believe me it's also taken adjustment for me), and for some reason decide to stay here long-term.

The rules are inhibiting, yes. But once you get used to them, and learn to live them, they contribute to many of the good, reliable things that keep us here.
When I was a kid in Australia rules were meant to be broken
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