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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Apart from watching 20 Bercow videos on youtube and reading parts of this thread I haven't really followed the brexit discussion.

Sandgrounder, even though you're most certainly right with everything above, should GB realy produce such a precedent? There was a direct-democratic vote with a clear outcome, to leave the EU. The parlament just has one job now, to leave the EU with the best conditions possible, but they have to leave.
They can't just overrule the popular decision by saying:"Nah, sorry the voters were just to stupid to vote for the right thing".
I agree that the referendum should be respected. I don't agree that the UK is better off out of the EU and there so far hasn't been much evidence to back up Brexit but that's by the by. The UK narrowly gained a victory to "Leave the EU". Fine.

The problem I have is that the way it was handled before, during and after the referendum.

If you are worrying about precedents being set, nothing is worse than the smoke and mirrors that was the whole campaign and subsequent omnishambles surrounding the departure from the EU. Running a campaign like this is indeed a dangerous precedent.

The government is fractured and falling apart, spending far too much time bickering, preening, posturing and furthering their own interests, there is no leadership, no unity and they are apparently going to negotiate either a workable deal with the EU or somehow miraculously embed whole new trade agreements around the world.

At this point in time, they couldn't manage to put together an Ikea desk.

Leave the EU by all means but put a delay on it until you can cobble together a government made up of adults.
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