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Re: Those building poles and length of time before they build?

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As already mentioned, it's down to if there is any opposition for the future building(s).

In our case, the poles for our house went up for 1 month (minimum time apparently), and once the month was over and we had 0 oppositions from our neighbors, we could start building in 4-5 months. The permits came rather easily even with 2 rounds of minor changes as the project evolved.

If you really want to make sure your twins have an easy first year at home, I'd oppose the building plans to win some time. Or move, if you were planning on doing it anyways (more space, perhaps?).

You can opose building plans without too many problems, however in order to avoid spurious opositions from whoever for whatever, many communes, if not all, now request that individual oposition comes with a Chf 500.-- deposit that is returned if the oposition is upheld.
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