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Re: Baby development specialist in English?

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There has never been a point, ever, when I wanted to hurt the baby, or dump the baby, or hurt myself, or kill myself, during the past 6.5 months. But during these 6.5 months I’ve been worried about her all, the, time. I’ve been trying and trying and I have not yet given up on sorting her issues out. At the same time I am loving her every day, taking her to places and see people every day, giving her love all the time, she’s well loved. I talk to her all the time even though I never get any responses (no baby voice responses, not even much eye contact)
Sorry! I feel a bit bad about my post now - didn't mean it to sound so harsh, it was more because it sounded like you needed someone taking care of you because the stress is clearly getting to you.

The fact that you are so worried about her, observing her, going to extra lengths to stimulate and play with her, and taking her out sounds like you are doing the right thing in the meantime until you can find an appropriate diagnosis, if there is one.

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She was orally diagnosed as highly probably intellectually disabled by specialists overseas already. On paper she was diagnosed as developmentally delayed. But the paediatricians here just called it crazy. Her symptoms match everything about autism you can possibly read, except no obvious repetitive behaviour yet. I just want to know how to help her. Not just wait until she is 6 and can’t speak a word and receive some diagnosis then.
Now you've got an appointment with this specialist, take some time out to stop worrying and wait until you've seen them.

There used to be a user on here called "ecb" whom I recall had a lot of experience with autism, having an autistic child herself. You could perhaps try to PM her.
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