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Re: Tax evasion

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Can be handy if the police needs to find you if your parents had an accident, or the notary for your heritage from whomever, or later if you need your pension money.

But hey who cares, you must be trolling anyway, nobody is that dumb.
It's fascinating that you live in such a closed bubble of being a perfect cog in the system that you think anyone who doesn't mindlessly follow the system is "dumb".

If anyone (police, solicitors, etc.) wants to get in touch with me in an emergency they can google my name and find my email address. Although, granted, most police do not know how to do this. There is absolutely no need for anyone other than myself to know where I sleep at night.

None of your emergency scenarios applies to me, in any case. I don't have family or ties in the UK, I was just passing through.
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