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Re: Recommendations for mobile roaming in 2019?

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I'm actually doing it. You can get a decent Italian package at 15 EUR/month and with that comes EU "free" roaming, which has a few corner cases but in general it's pretty good.
The only thing you have to make sure, AFAIK, is that you need to use it in Italy every now and then and for a non-negligible amount of time, otherwise you don't qualify for EU roaming conditions (it is up to the carrier to check and decide).

(Replace "Italy" with any other EU country, this matter is now covered by EU law).

Example: Migros Mini + Vodafone Unlimited, CH + EU with 4G and very good infrastructure at around 40 CHF/month. Not bad...

Ok, even better would be having a "do whatever you want" package valid through the whole continent but that will come. I have a friend who's particularly happy with Lyca, on the other side I read many bad reviews, that's why personally I tend to stick with big operators.

Yeah, this is what I do when i spend longer than a few weeks in one place. I spend the summer mostly in Portugal so i just put in my Vodafone PT sim card. its cheaper than the Swiss one and I get more data so its better for the EU. The problem is that Switzerland isn't in the EU roaming packages that are offered so i still think that the UPC deal is the best out there for short periods of time. Incidentally, the roaming only applies to data, any EU sim card will still have the added cost of calling anyone in the foreign country you are in. For example. Portuguese sim card but im roaming in spain = extra cost. This is the same as any Swiss sim unless you have an added extra for minutes to EU numbers which then gets costly.

I had Lyca before UPC but it was 39chf for unlimited data and zero roaming. The packages werent that great and service abroad was limited to 3g not 4g.
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