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Re: Technophobe needs to get out of Jurassic Era!

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#1 son is right .. new SIM cards are just blanks essentially, the provider - eg swisscom (not really the apple store) etc can put any number they want on there. So assuming it's actually a working number it should be fine.

For a non techie or somebody with low patience -- Don't screw around with data transfer between an old android and a new iphone - it's a recipe for frustration from both sides. What do you really need from the old phone? Photos/video? Upload to somewhere like picasa and leave them there. Numbers? save them google contacts, get them from there later.
Personally I have zero on my phone that ever needs to be transferred. When I change phone, I simply reset the old one and sell it or give it to wife.
The new one just gets everything automajically from the sky when i login

I was in Swisscom on rue de rive a few weeks ago and they were doing data transfers .. a little team of angry people upstairs fighting with data transfers. No idea what it costs.

** EDIT ** just noticed it wasn't a new iphone after all .. oops .. Anyways .. same still goes. just replace iphone with a7

Went there on Wednesday (appointment made no difference!), 1 hour's wait, indeed a lot of very "busy and angry people", it took them 10 minutes to transfer contacts and conversations from old phone (nothing else as I had no apps, no video, no photos). Suddenly as he hands my phone back to me, the guys informs me with a big smile that I will be charged 80 CHF on my next bill. I argued back but he said "Too late it's gone" as he pressed the button on his till / tablet thingie. I then spent another 30 minutes on the phone on Swisscom complaining bitterly and threatening to cancel the whole package with them. Eventually, success!

Note to self for the future: don't ever bother to go to Swisscom, ask your students, it took them 30 seconds to set it all up for me to my requirements, they're smarter, faster, a lot nicer...and free! (Well, still had to cancel the planned homework, the little buggers know how to negotiate their part of the bargain!)
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