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Oks - so after not running for two days my omnipresent shin splits left, hmmmmmm. I will see how it goes tomorrow after only 2.5km today, but so far so good, don't even know I got any shins today.

This is one of my current running tracks, if anyone want to stomp in a synchronized beat. I have to say my sprint parts are way faster, but it's ok. I also love the NASA visuals.
Are you combining it with a bit of strength training, too? I don't mean bulk up with weights because you can do pretty adequate training just using your own body for resistance. Maybe with some therabands.

Adding some muscle support to your joints, some balance training and working on flexibility helps to keep you injury-free, too.

Running every day isn't advisable. I think even elite athletes have rest days to allow the body to recover and repair.
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