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Re: Came for a trial work day in a restaurant and they refuse ro pay me

Don't let the bastards walk over you! This exactly happened to my husband when we first arrived here, who worked his ass off for 2/3 of a working day at an international coffee chain that I will not name here, upon which he neither got hired nor paid.

The law ('L-GAV2010 Art. 5 (Kommentar)' see bottom of p.12 here: clearly states that if a trial day is demanded by the employer and you do full-fledged work, you should get paid.

He demanded payment by email (just found it and although not perfect German maybe it will be helpful for you or others):

'Mit dieser mail moechte ich bitten um eine Entschaedigung fuer die x stunden Arbeit die ich am xx in Ihre Firma (xxx) geleistet habe.
Ich habe Anrecht auf eine Entschädigung weil ich vollwertige Arbeit verricht habe, die zum späteren Tätigkeitsgebiet gehört haette, hatte ich den Job bekommen.
Die Rechtslage ist so das es sich bei Arbeit auf Probe auch ganz klar um einen Arbeitsvertrag handelt. Weil mir vor Arbeitsantritt nicht klar erläutert ist dass mein Schnuppertag unentgeltlich sein soll und ich nicht ausdrücklich auf Zahlung verzichtet habe mussen sie mich fuer diese x Arbeitsstunden entlöhnen'

They tried to get away with claiming that the trial day was not a prerequisite for getting hired and demanded by both sides to get insight into the job (yeah right) and because he only worked 2/3 of a day it wasn't full-fledged work ('vollwertige Arbeit') they don't need to pay up.

We contacted the arbeitsgericht for (free) advice who called this bull***t as it obviously was normal work and also without agreeing to this day there would be no chance of actually getting the job.

He again demanded to get paid in a registered letter, mentioning getting advice from the court, stating he did full-fledged work by listing which tasks he performed that day, stating he was neither told he wouldn't get paid nor renounced payment himself and finally, threatening with legal measures. Then the bastards paid up

Yes this likely was a waste of time considering the amount they finally paid out BUT not letting them walk over him did wonders for his confidence on the job market.

Hope this helps & good luck!
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