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Re: Non EU with L Permit to Stay abroad for a short assignment at work

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1.) Is it possible for a Non EU Citizen on an L permit, to work outside Switzerland for a period of more than 90 days (e.g.,9 months) for the purpore of a short term assignment in any EU Member State, assuming that necessary work permit has been obtained from the other country? If so, are there any formatlities to be fullfiled in Switzerland?

2.) If not possible, then would that mean that one would lose the L Permit in Switzerland if one stays abroad for a period of more than 90 days (say 6-9 months) ?

Is there any other resolution to the above concern which you would like to suggest? Thank you for your help
By virtue of it , L for a Non-EU is a short term permit for a "specific activity" required to be done in Switzerland. One cannot stay out of Switzerland for more than 3 months while continuing to maintain a residence and health insurance etc. "Specific Activity" also means that the holder cannot simply chose to work in another field other than for the purpose of permit.

So the answer IMHO is no for both your questions but you can confirm from your local Migrationsamt
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