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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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She's a vagina, pardon my French. UK shouldn't get anything better (or worse) than anyone else. Those who really don't or won't get the EU principles should get out of it sooner than later. Isolate themselves on an island and think of their great past. And how everything and everyone else around the world should serve them.
Lots of what she said is correct:
  • The inflexibility of the EU over what David Cameron asked for was in part responsible for Brexit.
  • The inflexibility of the EU in their handling of the Brexit negotiations will harm everyone.
  • Germany's economy will be damaged as a result of a hard Brexit.
  • Germany will have to cover the hole in the EU budget.
  • That the UK's economy is the same size as the 19 smallest countries within the EU and therefore should be treated differently as Germany has economic ties with the UK deeper than with any other country.
  • That reform is long overdue yet EU cannot be reformed.
  • That the Northern Europe countries will run the risk of being out voted in future EU decisions due to Brexit.
  • ...
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