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Re: Does UBS & Credit Suisse do employee monitoring?

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I spend a good amount of time checking very useful reference on youtube and other learning sites, but especially youtube could be considered as a bad IP to access even-though in my case used solve concrete issues in IT.

Often companies struggle to educate in new technologies but they expect you to know them all, so it's a way of keeping your knowledge up to par without having to spend the little free-time you have doing that.

Ofcourse, X-rated stuff, emails with personal data & custom software is a no go and i spend no time on such things, since it has no value for anyone and mainly damaging for the company.

But improving you knowledge might be considered as slacking because it has no short term gain for the company even-though it's usually pays back the company in the long term and keep employees motivated to stay.

Would just be sad if you get sacked for trying to improve yourself and the company.

Is it realtime monitoring or more general monitoring like block Facebook etc. (this is already like that at most companies).

Do you know what specific monitoring software the most big swiss companies use? And do line manger observe this data regularly? I would like to know how far micromanagement has gone these day and if there is any respect for an individuals privacy? If i was a line manager i would thing it was going to far monitoring an employee that has not shown irresponsible behaviour.

My delivery is above average. There is just many people doing alot of useless busywork that does not really benefit the company (actually holds back the company), but often high level manager does not understand what work is valuable in IT and might just say youtube = bad = fire. I'm worried for the mindless firing could happen since i see many high level manager don't understand how to real work is done.
A company hires you for your experience, and Googling or YouTubing if you're in an innovative environment is essential. I'm not knocking that.

But back to your question, UBS won't allow it, don't know about CS.

Would use your mobile device if in doubt
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