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Re: Did you move to Switzerland on your own?

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I would avoid Switzerland (at least the German part) if you're a single guy. It's tough to build a social circle here and if you don't speak the language (Swiss German, not high German) you are limiting yourself to a small pool of ex-pat women. The majority of ex-pat women here came to Switzerland with a husband or boyfriend so even the ex-pat dating pool is small. Zurich has a lot of male-dominated industries like banking/finance/tech which means there are a lot of single guys with decent money to throw around competing for a smaller group of girls. It's nothing like London or NYC which attract swarms of single girls chasing the sex and the city lifestyle. Also, the Swiss Germans are strange in that, despite their love of travelling, they seem to be terrified of strangers when back in the home land. Why not try London or Dublin instead? I'd say Zurich is a great place for families but not single guys.
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If you think Vancouver is cliquey, Zurich will be 10 times worse. 40 and don't speak Swiss German, or at least German? Swiss women will avoid you like you have some incurable skin rash. Even if you do strike up a conversation with one, they will be unbelievably boring, seldom having anything to add to a conversation. Not that they are stupid, but just incredibly inhibited. Opening up and revealing personal details to anyone, let along a stranger, especially a foreigner, is just not done. The only fair game would be foreign women, but they are invariably here because they followed their husband/BF. It is a dating desert here for foreign non-German speaking men. Unless you are incredibly wealthy, good-looking or famous, preferably all three.

Other than that it is a nice place. Best to move here after you're set up with a partner/family.
Wow. After having read your extremely biased-sounding and borderline offensively stereotypical posts I do feel the need to chip in.

I have been in Zurich 10 years and am a guy who has both lived the expat party lifestyle and had several Swiss girlfriends.

1) You can have a great social life here, including with the ladies. My oldest friend here is Swiss and there are many single expat ladies who are here to live long-term and are looking for a partner.

2) To say all Swiss women are 'boring and seldom have nothing to add to a conversation' is absolute misogynistic bullshit and you should be ashamed of yourself for even writing that. I have met many funny and charming Swiss women who have hearts of gold. Are they the worlds most expressive or "exciting" ladies? Perhaps culturally not, but then again this country is less hedonistic and decadent than many others like the UK etc where people often throw restraint and dignity to the wind.

3) To think all single expat women are here following their husbands or boyfriends is again absolute and utter nonsense. There are many independent career-oriented women here, single and looking, younger and older, who just want to meet nice and stable guys without thought of if they are "amazing looking, rich or famous" (lol, come on). If you a guy then confidence, charisma and manners count for a lot.

Both of yours posts are to me the rantings of two frustrated guys (regardless of if you are now married or whatever) who historically never had much luck with women in Switzerland and are frustrated and bitter about the fact.

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