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Re: Any good career advisors/coaches for international business careers?

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No worries, it's understandable. Good to know people like that do exist though.

Yeah sure. Obviously I would expect this to be paid as much as a lawyer or so per hour; I do have people in my network whom I admire, or even who are extremely well-connected, but none of them work in fields that are relevant for me.

I just think I'm missing something obvious when looking at my profile and potential next steps and I think the - potentially harsh and realistic - advice would have to come from someone experience in my area.

Which forum would I post to for advice in EF? Here in Employment as well?

I don't know where you can post - but what I can say, is I have no clue what you mean by international business, so lets start there with the coaching.

I DO know, for example what an International Business Operations/or Global Business Operations or Global Commercial Operations functions does in a pharma company (having been in Global Marketing funciton before). But when you say international business as a stand alone career statement freaking clue what you're talking about.

Maybe my first advise is get clear on what you mean by "International business". Tell that to some one without clarity what it is you mean, you sound stupid.

Second advise, you want to go into some form of business eh? and you want to do something International eh? First step generally that most people who I know who gone into some of those functions I noted in a pharma company....Sales. Face the customer. And do it Locally. Then up wards and on-wards.

You know nothing until you face the customer. And you do it local (in country)

I known people who do go into Marketing for example without sales experience, I've seen them get a bit stuck, at some point they'll run into a hard-nose who demands customer-facing experience, irrespective of prior successes, so called carry-the-bag experience.. I never had sales experience directly, but I did have customer face experience in another function (I was still field force and Sales reps pulled me in to help with key accounts when needed).

So go call what ever career coach you want, if they don't tell you the above, well, sorry for you. Send me 300 CHF and I want 10 percent of all your future earnings.
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