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Re: Any good career advisors/coaches for international business careers?

Well You have sales - the next step in my industry sector is “Product Manager” or “Marketing Manager”. I did that job as international product manager for a bit.

What you need is not a Professional Coach - they serve a different purpose and goal - it’s not they of no value - they are no value to you.

You need a mentor , specific to your industry. I’m my early days esp when I was looking to move into an corporate HQ role in an international operations environ - I reached out to some one in LinkedIn in Switzerland - he was in a Big Pharma - over a series of emails he was able some advice and some hooks - he passed my CV into his organization which yielded interviews. I recommend you do the same - not everyone will respond but you’ll get a jewel who will and.... for free.

You just gotra reach out - it’s called informational interviewing and networking.
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