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Re: How about a gardening thread?

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Probably not from eggs. I guess they are juvenile or possibly even adult centipedes that have woken up from hibernation. They can live for several years, up to 5 years sometimes and they don't typically reach maturity or lay eggs until their second year. And yes, they are extremely valuable as they kill and eat many of the insects and other pests that will otherwise damage your vegetables, including mites and all sorts of larvae that lurk in the soil where you can't see them, and that are probably growing and multiplying as you read this. Centipedes are not poisonous to humans, at least not the species native to Switzerland.

So I'd leave them alone, or maybe even try to appreciate them. Fascinating little creatures.

"Centipedes use a pair of hollow legs, adapted with claws, to bite into the skin. These pincer-like maxillipeds, also known as toxicognaths or "poison claws," are found under the first body segment and can also cause small puncture wounds and blisters when the centipede crawls across the skin. When a centipede bites (as opposed to stings), it injects venom into victims that is stored in internal glands. Although centipede bites may be painful, they are rarely fatal."
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