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Re: Will Trump be a Good President?

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Oh, so you expect this to be like a Perry Mason episode, where everyone confesses at the end to wrap things up cleanly? WTF

Weaponizing an organization can mean stacking it with your people who know what their mandate is. When an organization suddenly starts harassing certain groups with obviously the opposite political affiliation and then get fired/removed/sanctioned/forced to apologize... you don't think this was planned?

No, they did not all go to a meeting where they gave the secret handshake and Leader Obama told them how it was going to be... Both sides are (usually) smarter than that.

I am not sure what "proof" you are looking for. It is all in front of your eyes, and you don't need to go to Fox/Breitbart to find it.
This is tinfoil hat stuff. The thread's about Trump, take your Obama conspiracy theories to another thread. Obama did a lot wrong but this 'The head of the IRS did bad things, and who appointed him? I'm just saying you maybe should think about that' is Hannity-esque.

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