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Re: Relocating belongings by international mail, without an apartment lined up?

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@Christa, did you have to pay any custom for your USPS package?

I'm currently trying to pack my belongings and move/ship it to Switzerland. I'm still struggling as what is the best way to go about it. I prefer Airfreight as it seems more reliable than Oceanfreight but it seems costly. I inquired USPS for the max weight of 66lbs and the 60 x 108 with girth size box for $ 235, but it is not clear to me how to combine the no duty attachment as it is with freight, a copy of passport and 1 of the 3 required documentation, either a job contract, a rental contract or a residence registration which is needed for duty free clearance.
Perhaps I have to call Zollamt in Bern to get some answers to it.

If anyone reading this has an idea of an reliable international shipper located in NH or Massachusetts please let me know... I'm at the end of my wit, since I'm not sure what is the best way to pack. I inquired at FedEx for pallet 48x40 max 500 lbs up to 72" height for roughly $7,900 airfreight door to door, a single box size about like with USPS for $800-900. UPS offered for a box of 20x20x20 50 lbs for $919.... I feel flabbergasted!

So if you have worked with a freight shipper, do let me know your experience! Thank You or any input regarding USPS package shipping custom clearance.
Hi @SimiNH, sorry to not reply for a few days. I had 4 boxes-- clothing, backpacking gear, desktop PC, and books. I ran out of time, literally printing labels and dropping off at the post office on my second-to-last day in the US. So while I had hoped to include more paperwork I went with only what customs form gets automatically included when buying the USPS label online. I was only charged customs on the box of books. I have forgotten already but it was maybe $30.. not more than $60, so I just paid it.

One important thing to note is that you can pay the customs to get the package, but later assemble the paperwork and get a refund from the customs office (Zollamt). It was an official page where I saw this info but it would take me time to track down the link. The other thing about this is, contrary to warnings in this thread, that page also indicated that it would not be a problem if all packages weren't sent at once. I believe there is a pretty long window of time for relocating.. at least 6 months but I don't recall. In any case though obtaining refund afterwards is probably going to be more work... It may require a physical trip to the Zollamt which if I recall was at least as far as Oerlikon. In my case I just paid since for the amount it was not worth the trouble.
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