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Re: When a man already is on his knees...

Ok, someone sent me a message because she was worried about you so, first things first: you are loved and you have people that care for you. That's something awesome to have!

Now, onto this business:

I am sorry you have to deal with this. As others have mentioned, try to get a delay on the court hearing. That should be possible, specially if you are out of the country due to work. I am sure there is a phone number on the summons you can contact.

Second, I am sorry to say, but no matter who's at fault, you will be better off getting a lawyer as soon as possible. We've been dealing with way too many "suing happy" people atm - which is unfortunately too common. You give too much leeway in a democracy, and people think that they are kings and have therefore the ok to attack everyone in their vicinity. You need to protect yourself. The only way I managed to protect myself from a bloody neighbour that keeps spewing lies about us (we wanted to build a garden wall, but had to get permission from the whole block) was to show up with the threat of a lawyer. We're the 3rd family that had to do that. Some people have too much money and too much time, so they make it a hobby to annoy everyone and try to prey on the suckers.

Don't be a sucker.

I do not know your case in detail, but from what I see here written, you renovated an old building, and built/renovated an annex - with the permission of the children of the people suing you. I do suppose you had a proper professional doing the job. How long ago? Is it still within building warranty (about 3 years)? You can ask either the company that did this for you, or a professional advised by your insurance, to take a look at the plans and the built object to confirm that everything is according to the norms, and that the problem is either fabricated or not coming from your end.

If you are at fault, the usual solution is to get it fixed before you sue someone, so I am not sure what is going on here - if the usual assholish neighbour chicanery, or some miscommunication.

It is, however, possible that you are indeed at fault - due to poor planing or bad construction - so you might need to fix this. But I would take a deep breath and surround myself with the proper professionals. They can provide you with the knowledge and the peace of mind you need when in a bit of a pickle.

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