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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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So you have not got a single actual link, just your interpretation to suit your agenda. No doubt these people have been in the past associated with all kinds stuff that we can now conclude based on your reasoning to be reasons for BREXIT.
Here’s UKIP’s 2017 manifesto for starters:

The EU’s Common Agricultural Policy has damaged our countryside. The Common Fisheries Policy has devastated fish stocks around our coastline. The way the EU – and our government – embraced diesel proved to be disastrous, even fatal. The Water Framework Directive led to serious flooding in many parts of the country by preventing river dredging. Repealing this directive will spare homeowners the misery of flooding and exorbitant insurance premiums...
But we’ve been consistent about criticising the EU’s environmental crededentials since the start:

In the mid-1990s people in Holland complained that the smell from their farms was becoming unbearable. They appealed to the EU for a remedy. The EU responded with a directive: farmers would send sachets of slurry to sniffing teams in Brussels to guarantee that the smell was within acceptable limits. “In this way the EU became the first body in history to legislate for the harmonisation of bullshit.” I am indebted to Professor Alan Sked who shared this gem in a speech at the London School of Economics on 8 June.
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