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Re: Recommendations for mobile roaming in 2019?

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Well, Yallo Fat is 29 CHF/month and it has everything I need (with the caveat that I have only 200 MB traffic EU roaming, but that's enough for me). The "regular" vs "discounted" price tag (58 VS 29 CHF) is just marketing, they basically sell it at 29, period. No minimum duration.

As far as I understand, with UPC you get for the same price the equivalent of a Yallo Super Fat (which is better than the Fat), but only for the first 12 months, then goes to 69 CHF/month. So it's a no-go for me.

But everybody is different, and different people have different needs. Choose what is best for you.

To put it into perspective I did some math. I am supposed to pay 19 CHF/month with the M-Budget Mini (remember I do very limited use of internet traffic), plus the extras for roaming options when I travel. With this setup, on average I spent 35.40 CHF/month in the last two years. Going for the Yallo Super Fat and spending more would not make any sense for me. With the Fat, at 29 CHF, even if occasionally I have to add some options on top, and counting the 49 CHF of activation, I think I can stay below my current average of 35 CHF/month on the long run.

But again, YMMV.
Yeah, you are right. it is all down to what your needs are. For me, the internet is the thing that matter the most as I use Facetime or WhatsApp to call when abroad. But others needs differ. Glad you got what you were looking for
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