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Getting a dog (in dog box) in and out of car

Like the title says....Lily the Pup is 14.5 and showing signs of arthritis. Her short legs make it difficult for her to leap into the back of the car. Neither will she jump into the back seat. Its probably about a 50 cm jump.

We bought a ramp and have been trying to train her to walk the ramp in the living room, (we tried the car and that was a fail) she just does not like new things, even when bribed with steak.

So we have a partial solution....put her in the dog box and lift it into the car. Its less than 30kg - 25 of dog and the dog box cant be more than 5. Works great, except it requires two people. Not always feasible.

So then I saw table lifts, scissor lifts and I was thinking, could I get a small manual one with wheels that I can collapse and put into the car? Anyone know if/where I might find such a thing.

Thank you!
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