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Re: renewing C permit: new requirements

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I just did this 3 weeks ago in Kanton Aargau. No issues. (I don't speak any German).

Just got letter from Gemeinde to fill out some form. about 5 days later, letter comes for me go to Aarau for another Biometry (finger print and photo), that took all about 3 minutes. About 3 days later, new letter in the mail from Gemeinde to pick up permit.

My assumption is that at the moment they have not fully implemented the new rules, otherwise a garbage Auslander like me who can't speak German would't have gotten the C-permit renewal.
Thanks for your real reply. I am currently in Switzerland for about 4.5 years now, residing on the border of Aargau and Zurich, in Aargau. I have had the new 2019 integration laws on my mind lately. Currently on 5 year B-permit with a possible change to C-permit or Swiss citizenship eligibility at the 5 years point.

My worry is that, although I am not up for a "renewal" on C-permit I might have difficulties upgrading to a C or Citizenship because I am currently at about an A2 level of High-German with basic understanding of commonly used Swiss German.

I was not sure how seriously the Aargau or Federal government might look at this issue according to the new laws, etc. I am an American, so lucky for me I normally qualify for a C-permit after 5 years but the new C-permit rules for so-called "fast track C-permit" in 5 years are at A2 or B1 local language. I am not entirely sure how they will handle my case when it comes up.
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