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Re: Water coming from electric cable tubes

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Dear Forumers,
I want to share a situation we encountered in our new flat and was hoping to hear from someone who has experience in those building/electric topics.
One month ago, we moved to a brand new apartment. The building is new and we are the first tenants to live in this apartment. In every room, there is one power socket, next to which there is a LAN and cable tv socket.
Except for the bedroom, where they had to install it today. In order to do so, they had to open one of the cable tubes, which is in a wall behind the integrated wardrobe in the corridor. They call this the power box. This is where all the Network components are and where I connect the router. So, they need to open this tube full of cables, take one, connect it to the switch and then through the same tube (or another) lead it to the socket. I assume the tube runs somewhere in the wall.
When they opened the tube, there was water starting to come out. Water drops to be precise. Enough to make a small puddle on the floor.
According to the technicians, this is rainwater, which during the building construction entered the cable tube, and when they had to move it now to take out the cable, it started coming out. Frankly, this makes zero sense to me. I cannot imagine they would leave open electric cable tubes in the open to fill with water…
And since I assume it is the same tube, it started coming out from the socket as well. It was not a lot of water and it stopped dropping at some point. I do not know if it was because there was not any water left or they just closed the tube, but they assured me this is OK. Since the cables were isolated even if there is water left, it cannot reach the wires. I am afraid, this does not sound entirely safe to me.
I informed the property owner, as you can never be too careful with water and electricity. What do you guys think? Should I take any precautions or is there something I can do?
It will be fine. Don't worry about it. The conduits will probably dry out in the summer heat anyway but it will be safe.

Cable ducting gets put in very early in the build so there's bound to be a bit of rain water here and there.
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