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WTF is this connected to my wi-fi

So I changed from a 5 year old Swisscom router to their latest model. It has a nice admin page to view the local topology. All of the wired and wireless devices have nice little icons and names - which were mostly pretty random to start with..

So I named everything properly after identifying them by their MAC address / IP etc.. iPhone, MacBooks, MACs, IPTV, IP Cameras, iPads, printers etc etc..

But I have one damn thing showing as connected that I have no clue what it is.. My router shows me a PC icon and shows the MAC address but it has no IP assigned.. I tried a couple of tools online that claim to identify manufacturer from MAC address but no joy.

Other ideas? Yeah I've already tried turning stuff off to see what disappears.

Jeeeze I found it .. I have a NetGear repeater / extender which reports on two channels..


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