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Re: Will Trump be a Good President?

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He and his fans already put a spin on this during the 2016 campaign. Trump's argument is that he IS a business genius, because he uses all the laws and tricks to his advantage. Declaring bankruptcy and short-changing the hard-working men and women who worked for you is legal. Doing it repeatedly to avoid paying your debts and your taxes is genius. He even said in one speech that he knows how to handle taxes better than anyone so he should be the president that pushes through tax reform. At least the part about knowing how to work the system seems true.

On the one hand we could argue what he's done is unethical and has put a lot of non-rich people out of business. On the other, the IRS has yet to charge him with tax fraud despite being audited regularly so at the moment it's not illegal.
All true but it's known to be spin because if this was in anyway positive for him we'd have known about it endlessly ages ago.