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Re: Motorbikes and fines

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Again, thank you all for the support, really appreciated.

I think I am pretty screwed.
He was wearing my gear, picture was done from back so no face (even if it would be done front I have tinted mirror visor which I think blocks the view) and most important as the CH roaming rates for Romanians are super expensive I plugged a route in google maps of my phone and installed it thorough my case and holder on the bike so that he knows where to go for that ride. I have all prerequisites to be blamed for all I would say?

Will be painful and costly lesson. I am a big motorcycle enthusiast and love CH for its roads. I am even fine with the speed limits as for me it is more touring and visiting places on motorcycle than racing and speed. I did thousands of km in a car and moto here in CH since 3 years. I will have to change approach to inviting friends and riding with them after this event. I often have motorcycle enthusiasts friends and we switch car/moto and enjoy CH. Will have to be only me riding as of now, at least the moto of course after 3 months w/o license and wallet shrink.

I really do not want to confront with police and judge as I believe the system here is very good and they will crush me. I will just increase the costs.
Wonder what the ticket value will be and how to share it with friend.

Thank you for your support here.
Really appreciated.

If you have any further tips for this situation please advise.
Would be really helpful.

Yeah, right and you were at home during this time watching some crap on the TV.......
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