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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

How could they not consider the Tories as a Brexit party when their campaign line was “we are the only Party who can deliver Brexit”?!
It's all down to the semantics again, same as with the original EU Referendum ballot paperwork when it said "this government will..."

The government that was referred to in the referendum campaign paperwork was legally dissolved on 3 May 2017. End of. That's a simple fact and a matter of law which none of us can escape.

As for “we are the only Party who can deliver Brexit” from the 2017 GE Campaign, legally, only the National government can enact or prevent a no deal Brexit, or deal Brexit. With divisions amongst the Labour Party and membership over Brexit, UKIP exceptionally unlikely to ever be in a position to form a government, LD and Green resolutely backing Remain and a 2nd referendum, the Conservatives were (numbers based at the outset of the GE campaign) the only party that could deliver Brexit.

Now...I reckon we all agree that we can take Labour out of the equation whilst they're still impaling themselves straggling that barbed wire fence, but the Tories? There have been 30 or so consistent Tory MPs voting against the PM. That was nearly balanced out by your Kate Hoey types, but not enough. The 'One Nation Tories' have been running scared from the Blukippers. Let's see if they stand their ground to reclaim their party now.

Finally, in my local constituency Windsor & Maidenhead, the Brexit Party beat LD by 2%. Windsor Council is now one of the many constituencies being reported in a law suit over the people who were denied their vote, because they only dispatched their postal ballot papers on Tuesday 14th May. That pretty much excludes all their expat postal voters from having their vote counted. Other councils used a 3rd party mass mailing company that directed mail via the Netherlands to save money, causing thousands of ballots to be received too late.
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