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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Nope. It's your go to response when you refuse to acknowledge the facts.
Change UK hit the ground running and have an interim leader until they have time to have a leadership election. That won't happen with TBP because it doesn't have a membership. It's a vehicle for Farage and his views, which is the ultimate cult politics of personality. He had one party but couldn't control it, so he's begun another with total control. Very undemocratic. Personally, I just see it as Farage with the begging bowl out again, like the evenings with him that he charges 500 to attend. With a normal MP, constituents can visit their surgery and meet them for free.
Now you're just making stuff up. You don't know that that won't happen with the Brexit Party, and you also don’t know that Change UK will hold a leadership election “when they have the time”.

Farage also didn’t “lose control of UKIP”, he quit as leader and the party chose to go in a direction he didn’t agree with so he left. People are now queuing up to pay 25 a head just to be, as you point out, “supporters” of his party. No one is forcing them, and the terms of their patronage is perfectly clear when they cough up their money. It’s almost as if Farage has a message that resonates.

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