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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Now you're just making stuff up. You don't know that that won't happen with the Brexit Party, and you also don’t know that Change UK will hold a leadership election “when they have the time”.

Farage also didn’t “lose control of UKIP”, he quit as leader and the party chose to go in a direction he didn’t agree with so he left. People are now queuing up to pay £25 a head just to be, as you point out, “supporters” of his party. No one is forcing them, and the terms of their patronage is perfectly clear when they cough up their money. It’s almost as if Farage has a message that resonates.
Resonates?! What complete bollox.. does it ever end? Brexit is undeliverable and Farage offers a child-like solution: get out and end the mess. Nothing at all to back it up. Reading last week about an ex-steel worker, unemployed, struggling, votes for Farage angry at Westminister's failure to sort out the steel industry and Brexit. Turkeys voting for Christmas, when Farage has no plans or agreements to move Brexit forward. Just like a child who bangs his fists and demands brexit. Same old, same old.. one trick pony shite and then wants the grown ups to sort and fix it.

And, BTW, would someone please ask Farage to explain to his voters Art. 24. without peddling complete nonsense and lies.
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