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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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I don't see much difference. Osborne was fairly clear:

"Put simply‎: over many years, are you better off or worse off if we leave the EU? The answer is: Britain would be worse off, permanently so, and to the tune of 4,300 a year for every household."

Boris's Bus is a similar kind of mechanics: 350million was the theoretical figure before the rebate was taken off and of course a whole other host of things that were EU>UK in direction financially.

Both are as bad as each other, but both are put across as fact.

Independent has an article which is quite good about why this will help him ( You have to remember in todays world its not the good guy that wins. Boris Johnson is the worst kind of person, but this kind of publicity will only help him.
You are again comparing a predicted future (Cleggs promise to deliver after being elected, Osbourne prediciting post Brexit Britain) to a statement that is provably untrue.

Yes, if Osbourne has a time machine and knows that Britain is paradise post Brexit then he is lying. But we can safely assume he doesn't, and we can't put people in prison for failing to predict the future correctly. Michael Fish would still be locked up.

Borris told a lie 3 years ago that was as much of a lie then as it is today.
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