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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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We won't agree, but for me they are not far off each other. If Osborne (or Cleggy) were so unsure about the future, they would have inserted the words "I think" or "we could be" but they didnt, they informed it as fact. Clegg said the Libdems WOULD abolish tuition fees. Later he said "actually we won't". Because he said he would, people voted for him. Boris said we gave 350 million each week to the EU, which was the headline gross figure without accounting for the rebate and other deductions. So he will say he meant the figure before deductions, and again you're back to interpretation. the result: people voted for him (for brexit).

You can give it the whole future vs current thing no problem, but the reason for the prosecution is because of the influence it had on people and so votes and from that aspect both were as bad as each other.
I have no problem if you dislike what Osbourne said and find it comparable, but no judge in the UK is going to agree with you, and that is because of that future vs current time thing .
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