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Re: 10 year old fitting in at school with no Zurideutsch

He is an introvert speaking very little German, now I do not know how little that is, but for more extravert children this might all be easier since they more tend to mix in with the others so they pick up the language much better imho, now if his son more is the type who would just stand in a corner of the schoolyard without mixing in, and who would hate the extra attention in class it might be a very unpleasant period. Therefor also "what does the son himself think of this" First another year of international school might be nice and easy for the boy, but he should also realise that such should not be granted without him putting in more work/time to get up to a much better level of the local language, he could join clubs, he would need more German classes and practices. And perhaps the family should switch more to German like with television and such.

I do not know what would be best for his specific situation, nor do I want to pretend such.
To clarify, my son was a very outgoing boy. And there is a huge difference in entering a foreign school system at the age of 7 versus the age of 10. Also, in the Montessori school in Amsterdam, most of the "learning" was socialization skills at the age of 7. My son definitely benefited from the very laissez-faire approach to learning there and perhaps that is why he adapted quickly. Plus, the teacher and the parents were very welcoming to me and my son (I also took intensive Dutch lessons - but I was nowhere close to as fluent as my!)

Hope all goes well for you and your son OP!
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