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Re: 10 year old fitting in at school with no Zurideutsch

Hi there,

I have 2 boys and moved mine when they were 6 and 3. Both couldnít Sprachkurs German. But we put them in the local school, and my god it was hard watching my son struggle to communicate with his piers, but after 10 months he managed to graft the language. The only problem was the school teachers and kids didnít like the fact he was an Auslšnder!! We found after time my son became more introverted and didnít want to go to school.. after being a thriving confident boy.. we learnt afterwards the teachers and kids are bullying my son. So we went to the inspector, thankfully that bastard got the sack! Now they are in private school still German speaking but very happy. My advice if you can afford it put them in private school..
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I was wondering if anyone had much experience of how difficult it had been for a 10 year old moving to Zurich and going to the local school with very little german. As at that age they are learning/speaking high german at school it would be very difficult to advance quickly in the local dialect as well. He is introverted as well.. so I am worrying it could mean quite a few lonely years before he could really fit in or feel a sense of connection with his peers. Does anyone have any experience of how long it took and how difficult it was and if they eventually ended up feeling comfortable ? Of course every child and situation is different.. however without knowing anything about how it would be in reality, it would be good to hear any stories.

btw thanks to EF for this fanstastic source of information that you have all worked to build!
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