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Re: Salary Negotiation

Swiss companies like to offer salaries that sound high to foreigners but are actually below market. It's a stupid strategy, probably thought up by some over paid consultant, because it ignores the fact that you will eventually find out that you are underpaid and will likely leave. Ignore the advice to renegotiate after you have joined and proved your worth. Salaries do not increase like they do in the US or UK, they tend to only really move when you get promoted or change jobs. For this reason the starting salary you negotiate is key. It will determine your bonus level and set the floor for future increases. Companies expect you to negotiate and if you don't you have no one but yourself to blame. And by the way, ABB won't give 2 you-know-whats about you when they need to trim their work force to boost profits and make their masters at Cevian happy :-D
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