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Re: Non-EU job offer without a degree

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I've searched the forums for a bit related topic, but couldn't find anything.
So, I found a company in Zug, applied to the job posting, went through the interview process, and got a job offer, ~ 120k CHF annually. ( Software Development )
The issue is, I don't have a degree, but have ~6 years of experience ( mostly with German companies ), with some recommendations, as well as some certifications pending. I speak German, holding a C1 certificate.

What are my chances of having my visa approved? I was asked to provide all my documents (CV, Passport, Criminal record, letters of recommendation, etc. )
I'm from one of the former Yugoslavia states.
I don't think the lack of a degree will make much difference one way or another. Presumably the company thinks that they'll get the permit approved, based on your presumably rare/specific skillset, or they wouldn't be prepared to make you an offer. This is the key point here, that they must be able to justify bringing in a foreigner on the basis that they couldn't find anyone on EU/CH to do the job.

FWIW I came here ~20 years ago, before any of the FMOP agreements, and got a permit without having any degree. Yes, my skills and experience were unusual enough to easily justify it, but rather oddly, the lack of a degree meant that I wasn't eligible for a L (short-term) permit but had to go straight for a B, which took a week or two longer.
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