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Re: Fine at the COOP shoplifting incident

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I wish to seek a legal help in regards to the fact that i have been recently convicted of a theft incident at one of the grocery shops in Zurich, Switzerland.I am extremely ashamed to say that i was actually shoplifting from one of the stores of COOP when i got caught. they fined me for 150 francs but luckily they did NOT handed me over to the police.

However, I filled out a document to be sent to the headquarters in which I agreed to not enter any coop shop in the next 2 years.

My big question is: will i have this incident filed to my criminal records? Will government be aware of this case? Will I get further fines from Coop headquarter? It is my first offence and again, there was not police involved in the case.

I am really anxious about the issue because i am worried about my future... what my husband will think of me... I feel literally awful...I am really really sorry for what i have done and this will never repeat, for sure I have learned my lesson. Please help me asap.
Obviously you will not have a criminal record because you weren't charged with anything and Coop settled the matter privately.

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Hi there,
I happened to have done the same stupid thing..
I know everybody saya that but I really had never done sth like that. I was out with friends from Ini, they wanted to enter a store, I love shopping so I agreed, we picked lots of clothes to try on and in the cabine I found out they planned to take some pieces and not pay for them.I was horrified but they acted as if I was stupid and they Had done that millions times and nothing happen and blah blah in the end I also put sth in my purse and when we stepped out of the Store we were caught. Most horrible and humiliating moment of my life. But anyway, I am deeply sorry and ashamed and it was really a lesson learned. The humiliation of being caught is already part of my "payment" but I am afraid there is more to I'd appreciate If u could Share with me what happened to you...
Hope you are ok...and thanks in advance
That's a tough lesson to learn, but never let anyone pressure you into doing anything that you know isn't right or legal. How old are you?
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