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Re: investing in real estate vs buying property

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and then let it get renovated by the Swiss for Swiss prices... right
on the other hand: 90 minutes commute to work... u crazy? We are not SFO, thanks God...

come to think of it, I want to do nothing of the sort, actually.

the attached prices are also ridiculous, you can easily pay 100k+ for a kitchen+bathroom makeover, which might actually be the price for an actual flat somewhere in Western-EU. But even if you do invest in your own property, you still are living in the middle of the nothing (on the price tags of the properties I could currently afford), or in areas with subpar community in terms of EU standards. Not very keen on either of those.
Something has to give. If you have low buying power you need to be willing to work (DIY and/or letting) to make up, or have high income and pay for the services offered.

I bought in 2012, prices have not moved that much since, and was 20 mins or less from major employers like CS, and rent from 1 flat covered the mortgage on the block of 3.

You can still buy a house in Switzerland for 100K. People might spend 100K on a car or smth but not usually on a kitchen renovation, that sounds be extreme to me.
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