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Re: investing in real estate vs buying property

I'll give you some actual figures from one of my rental properties.

Purchased 2013 for Chf 265k + $13k notary fees + Chf 15k renovation costs, total Chf 300k

Rental income Chf 1'400.--/month = Chf 16'800.--

PPE Charges : Chf 5'720.--/annual including renovation account

Hypoteque Chf 175k @ 0.7% = Chf 1'320.--/ annual

Income before tax Chf 9'760.--/annual on investment of Chf 125k

ROI before tax = 7.808%

Some are a bit more, some a bit less, nothing under 5.5% or it goes or gets changed.
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