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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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So it's monday and the picture is at least a bit clearer, though still lots of questions really.

Mr Pen and Ms Leigh, who called the police said at the time they 'voted to stay in the EU in the referendum but that is our entire involvement in politics'. A closer inspection now by the media has shown they wrote an EU Funded Anti-Brexit play, have been giving out vitriolic anti-conservative messages since 2012, have an almost personal hatred of Boris Johnson involving gesticulating, posters, swearing, you name it and having called the Police and then contacted the Guardian have disappeared and not been seen since, which is a bit odd seeing as they only did it out of concern for the welfare of the female resident in the adjoining flat.

The other thing I'm really looking forward to is hearing the tape. The Guardian has it, they have an online website, they have certainly said it contains all sorts of shouting and screaming (though the Police didn't really think that was the case), so it would seem pretty clear - as this has been declared as "in the public interest" - that the recording has to be made public too, otherwise we are going on the words of two hard left anti-brexit fanatics who hate the Conservatives. Difficult to make a judgement call at the moment.

By the way I hate Boris Johnson, I think he is the worst politician ever - even more than Corbyn - but this is just a witchhunt and it always wigs me out when lefties do this.
If I had the Press camped on my doorstep then I would disappear too!

I recommend you consider what you write in terms of your opinions of people; EF is a public forum so libel laws stand.
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