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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Right now, we have the words of two people who are about as far from neutral as you can get.
Three sets of neighbours from that building have said that they were disturbed by the argument with one person, crucially not one of the couple you have referred to, saying that "it sounded like someone was being murdered."

Now everyone is welcome to get their knickers in a twist about this all day long. That's their choice. However, as a survivor of domestic violence, I've found the last few days worth of media and social media to be more than a little disturbing. I'm eternally grateful to the neighbour who came to my aid and, in hindsight, I'm eternally grateful that she got the police involved, and we're still friends. At the time, I was literally terrified by the prospect of police involvement (which was minimal on that occasion), but it became crucial 15mths later (several months after we'd seperated) when I really needed them because they could instantly see a previous call out to my address.

I hate to read the line "all couple have shouty arguments". No they don't. In the 8yrs I've been with my partner, we've never lost our tempers with each other. We've disagreed and argued, but it's never escalated to shouting, things being smashed and neighbours being disturbed. For a domestic situation to reach the point that neighbours are "scared", think "someone is being murdered" and call the police, several lines of acceptable behaviour have been crossed.

There's something bothering me in all this, and it bothered me in the Johnny Depp / Amber Heard case too... What if the woman is the vilian of the piece? We don't know and the media are assuming that Boris is the villian because so many former colleagues and people in the media have witnessed his temper.

The Secret Barrister sums it all up beautifully...

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...and also explains the 1997 Harassment Act to a journo who was herself guilty of the same.
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