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We've (Me and my parents) more than completely overhauled a few buildings throughout life (Not in Switzerland), and we only found it financially interesting because we could do all ourselves. If you have to rely on companies for everything it is not only a personal challenge but also a financial challenge, things almost always end up to become more expensive and buying price + renovation costs often does not equal new value.

An object that needs new piping, new electricity, needs to be isolated (Also new windows?) and needs an new roof is something I would stay clear of in this country unless you have the time and skills to do a lot yourself since that is where the profit is.
Thank you for your reply, we know that the windows and the heating system are in a good condition, but for the rest I dont know when was the last time it was replaced, so I mainly need a professional eyes to estimate the overall situation, and help us decide if it is worth it. Regarding the inner work (walls, floor, most of the kitchen work) we plan to do as much as we can ourselves, so it can save us some money....

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I have done this a few times and there are quite a few variables that always push the final price up, it's like buying a new car, initial price is ok but the option list can make it expensive but there is always a value point which is different to the cheapest price. If a property needs a major roof renovation then this is generally the tipping point for knocking it down and starting from new similar to an old luxury car when the electronic parts start to fail.

This service is normally carried out by an architect here but there costs and service levels are hugely variable so caution is critical. Not that they are inherently bad but more that they are an authority figure here so operate in a different way to what we from the Anglo-Saxon world think as normal.

If you have plans and photos I can look at it for you with or without a site visit.
Thank you so much for your reply, as a general role we dont want to make a lot of changes inside, paint, parquet and other relatively simple things we will do, and my father can help us with the kitchen. the heating system was renewed at 2011, and the windows look very new, but for the rest I dont know how to estimate, and the real estate agent does not have all the records from the elderly couple who lived there....
I do have plans, documents and photos, with some of the details, if you have the time to look at it, I will be very grateful!!! How can we do it? should I write here my e-mail so you can write me yours? i guess it is ok with the forum ....

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