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Re: What’s with all the outsourcing?

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Yep. But it does sink in when the boat sinks. Or maybe a few years after, since the wrong managerial steps done long ago aren't always so obvious, when there aren't even consultants around to point them out.
The obsession with asking some consultant or other is the cause of the issue. Few will point out how ridiculous a company's ideas are, let alone how ridiculous their own are of course. After all, the creation of 150 slides on some unrealistic project is how they make their money. I'm not saying their all bad of course, and I guess there's at least some movement towards bringing in more people into consulting who at least have had some experience in corporate as opposed to their usual m.o. where some 23-year old grad with zero experience is suddenly supposed to tell an MNC how to do business. But at least my company seems to value a consultant's opinion much more than that of its own employees, even though there's a good chance the latter know better, given they actually have to work in that particular context, whereas a consultant will never have to.

The problem as always is a pure focus on short-term financial savings which never incorporates the decrease in quality, decrease in accountability (which often isn't high to begin with) and the increase in complexity of processes. I could give countless examples where I spent two days resolving some issue that could have been resolved in literally 5 minutes if I didn't have to go through fifteen service centers across 3 countries. I think we all have such stories.

Nothing will change as long as companies don't understand that short-term focus is doing more damage than anything else, don't understand that actual savings are more complex than just looking at a couple of dollar bills, and fail to measure and reward long-term success. I'm sure they understand that intellectually, but why would they do anything different given this is the very way they themselves have taken in their career. It needs significant, painful disruption and almost all of it at the leadership level for all that to change.
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