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Re: Mwst and admin fee on parcels.

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(everybody can simply put on labels with whatever price is desired, and Gucci baseball caps with a 2,- Chf label will not be accepted as carrying the proper price)
I think that's going a bit far, don't you? You order from an official seller, and let's be honest, you can easily get a couple of Marks and Spencer t-shirts for 15 quid (not sure why you're going into CHF 2.- Gucci caps ), they have the shop tags and an accompanying invoice, and still DHL hikes the value to suit itself and slaps tax on accordingly? I wouldn't fancy their chances defending their reasoning for that.

Even if my mother sends me those t-shirts, she can put the receipt and leave the labels on, can't she?

I was using the t-shirts as an example of cheaper goods vs expensive seeing as AliceK didn't provide the value of the package she's talking about. I wasn't really intending to open a discussion on whether people spoof shop labels to dodge tax.
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